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Monday, December 2, 2013

Awake from a Slumber

Recently I've noticed a lot of my male friends seem to be "waking up". Within the past few months, more and more of them are getting fed up with relationships.

Last week, a truly alpha, good-looking, doesn't-take-shit-from-anyone, dominating-attention, woman-flocking guy I am friends with was talking to me about how he doesn't look at women the same anymore, and how difficult it is to trust them.

Just tonight, one of my best friends and his girlfriend broke up and he said he is considering just not having a long term relationship ever. To him it's a loss of freedom and a set of unrealistic expectations from the women.

 Even my more beta friends are starting to get fed up with their relationships, and are considering being single "for at least a few years".

My friends, there is a subtle yet potent shift in men's thinking patterns starting - we are at the precipice of a revolution. For the first time, men are actually considering foregoing society's expectations of marriage, and no amount of tax benefits will shake this feeling.

What do these men I have been hearing from have in common? Well, two important trends I've noticed in the guys who share my red-pill sentiments about relationships: (1) they had no problem sleeping with many good looking girls in college, and (2) they have been slighted or treated poorly in LTR's.

So what lessons can we learn from these trends? To me, it seems that women have rewarded men's promiscuous behavior and punished our committed behavior. Women are essentially training men to be more promiscuous and less committed through their treatment of these men's actions, without even realizing it!

So where did all the good men go? Well, ladies, the good men are all reacting rationally to the age-old time-tested reward-punishment system. The good men are still here, yet simply acting in our own interests and reacting to your actions.

Men, keep your eyes open and ear to the grindstone and you'll notice it too.

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