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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Our resources essentially come down to time, money, and energy.

At each moment in our lives, we are either investing or withdrawing. Investment implies giving up something now for the expectation of something more in the future.

Every time we are working on our hygiene, practicing a sport, learning about psychology, we are investing. When we decorate our homes a certain way, we are investing our time in order to portray a certain impression onto others. When we spend time and money on particular clothing, we are investing so that others will view us a certain way. When we spend hours in the gym every week, we are investing so that girls will be turned on, so others will be less inclined to brawl with us, and so if we have an unhealthy binge night, it doesn't affect us as significantly.

But what are we investing for? Well, the other side of the coin is withdrawing. When we are spending our time watching fictional TV, we are withdrawing from some previous investment. We invested for 40 hours a week so we can afford to pay our bills, in order to withdraw from that investment by relaxing on the weekends. We sit around and bullshit and drink beer with our friends, because our previous investment in our jobs afforded us that luxury.

We can go further, though. When we bring a girl home, and the careful time we put into conveying certain impressions through our house, car, etc., results in her feeling a modicum of additional respect towards us, we are withdrawing from some of our previous investments.

At the end of the day, we all have goals and desires. These include sex, the desire for freedom, the love of travel, or purchasing a new watch. The more power you have, and the more you've properly invested, the more efficient you become and achieving your goals. You are giving up time, money, or energy now so that you can withdraw from these investments and achieve your goals much quicker than if you hadn't invested. We spend years and years garnering a good career so that when we want to spend $1,500 on a plane ticket to Thailand, it doesn't take too much effort.

For every moment in your day, ask yourself if you are investing or withdrawing, and proceed appropriately.

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