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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

End Game

Let us use this time to reflect upon the extreme alpha or beta models, and really worldviews.

How do each of these personalities view the end game of life? What would each type of man think on his deathbed.

This is an extremely important question each man must answer, because knowing how you want to end up, will dictate every little action in your life.

And not knowing how you want to act in a given situation, with no strong personal philosophy, will result in an extreme amount of anxiety.

The Blue Pill End Game

This is the narrative of a blue pill life. Somewhere in his or her mid 20's, a man and a woman fall in love. They go through a series of ups and downs. One may make a mistake, but all is forgiven because they love each other. Love trumps all. When a girl accidentally kissed her ex one night, she just needed some guidance. Fights, loving times, beautiful times, ending with a marriage, where everything ends up perfectly. On their death beds, the man and the woman end up holding hands, reflecting upon all of the good times. They feel good that they touched and helped so many people in so many ways. And that their love was stronger than all, lasting through decades of life. They would depart this world peacefully, ready for whatever was next.

That's the ideal turnout of a 100% blue pill mentality.

The Red Pill End Game

This is the narrative of a red pill life. A boy grows into a man. That man, through the many trials life thows at him, develops into a charismatic, powerful, man the envy of all. He becomes wealthy on his own, and lives life to an extreme, buying fancy cars, At some point in his life, he wanted a girlfriend so he was able to pull a really good looking, cool, sweet southern chick. They had a relationship for a while, but when she made a mistake and cheated on him, the man was sad for a moment, but then thought practically, and said sorry but I could never trust you again. He'd be upset for a moment, kind of a "too bad, that could have really worked. oh well", but he'd bounce back from his friends, and go out and find a new girls, and it wasn't that hard. He eventually built an empire with his entrepreneurial skills, and was an important game changer in the history of humanity. On his deathbed, the man looks back upon his life fondly. He conquered great things in this world. He experienced some love, some fun, heartbreak, power, influence, and he could die happy, knowing that he left humanity in a better state than when he left it.

That's the ideal turnout of a 100% red pill mentality.

Now these are extreme examples, but they could be your life if you so choose. But I implore you to meditate upon through which lens you want to view your life. This way, whenever life throws you some shit, or you have a decision in front of you, you don't hesitate. You know who you are. You know how you'd want to look back upon this moment, from your deathbed.

This is a mental task that I think every man should meditate upon. If you want to live your life in blue pill mode, and you want to die happy, knowing that you always held out faith in love, then more power to you, just know the alternatives.

Go figure yourself out, gentlemen.

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