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Sunday, November 2, 2014

No Nothing November - Day 2

This is the second day of No Nothing November. The oversleeping bit is something I think with enough motivation I can easily overcome. The effects of not oversleeping, however, will likely be more pronounced on the weekdays. The fact that it's a Sunday means that not oversleeping didn't really affect my day much in terms of productivity. However, I have to admit waking up to a blowjob followed by sex while having some coffee is a nice easy way to jump start the day.

In regards to no cannabis use, I'm unsure how I feel about that being an actual vice. Skipping a day of cannabis is not a big deal for me since I don't smoke too often anyway. However, cannabis has allowed me to come to some self-realizations that simply would have taken too long to arrive at otherwise. After November, I may consider cannabis use as a semi-regular accelerator for self-improvement, as long as I don't end up becoming addicted and smoking daily.

The meditation has been interesting for the past two days. Yesterday, during my body scan meditation, I realized how much physical stress I feel throughout my body. I strongly believe that the first step to defeating something is to truly understand it. I need to 100% define the boundaries and extent of something such as physical stress before attempting to remove it. Simply saying "relax" completely dismisses the importance of understanding the how.

Today, during meditating, I tried to focus on each part of my body and become aware of any physical tension felt. It was actually difficult because due to waking up on time (and staying out late partying last night since it was Halloween weekend) meant I kept almost falling asleep. However, I remembered my concentration training, and focused on an external object in my room in order to stay awake and aware.

My plan is roughly to:
  1. Become aware of the physical stress throughout my body (body scan meditation).
  2. Work on systematically removing that stress from each part of my body (body scan + concentration).
  3. Become aware of the mental stress in my mind (mindfulness meditation).
  4. Work on systematically removing that stress (mindfulness + concentration).
I'm not sure how 3 and 4 will work, but what's interesting is that sometimes simply being aware of some automatic thought, motivation, or physical stress, is sufficient to have it begin removing.

Onwards we march towards self-actualization.

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