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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

No Nothing November - Day 4

The oversleeping bit is becoming easier and easier every day. However, I've noticed that anytime I have more than 5 drinks the night before, waking up early is exceedingly difficult the next day. Yet I am still more productive throughout the day, and can use the morning more effectively, than when I was oversleeping.

With regards to cannabis, I am still not convinced that it does not benefit me. My creativity is slightly less than when I smoked a few times a week, although my drive is slightly more. It's a balance I will have to find as time goes on.

With regards to meditation, that has been going excellently. I begin my session with 15 minutes of concentration meditation which helps exercise my mental muscles of awareness, and calm any lingering thoughts from the day. I then begin a body scan, starting from my foot to my head, noticing and removing any tension as I proceed methodically. I then am in a relaxed state in which I can begin to notice how certain thoughts popping into my head elicit certain physiological states in my body. This allows me to choose which thoughts to follow and which thoughts to dismiss. I am noticing more subtle motivations, such as when I do not realize how much I am posturing or have unnecessarily used Powertalk throughout my day without realizing it (part of The Gervaise Principal, which I frequently try to apply to my business dealings).

Overall, I believe that without the motivation of #NoNothingNovember, I may have skipped some of these days meditating, and would have overslept and smoked more. I can see the thought process unfold throughout my head as it occurs, and I thoroughly enjoy the simple excuse of "It's November" to make myself more motivated.

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