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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mental Trick: How Would You Fail?

This is a mental trick I used to use frequently when I was first breaking out of the blue-pill mentality and figured it might help out some brethren.

The trick is simple: you simply ask yourself how you'd get what you don't desire.

For example, with fitness. Perhaps you've been struggling with diet fads over the years, have made minimal gains, but are frustrated. Maybe you justify eating that one extra slice of pizza, and feel guilty about it afterwards, or rationalize it as "living a little".

Simply pretend that you wished to get fat. Or get skinny and weak. Or get bulky but unattractive. Or whatever you don't want to do. What would you eat? How would you act?

This will start your brain to really tune in to your instincts. You'll realize that you know deep down what sort of behavior will lead to the goal you don't want. That's easy. You'll realize what sort of lethargy, food, exercise level, etc. will get you away from your goal and towards other non-desired goals. Then it will help you realize which "direction" each action will lead you: towards or away from your goals.

This sounds simple and obvious, but it's powerful. Sometimes we have a hard time honing into what we should do, since we are attached to the outcome. By imagining what you'd do to get away from your goal, it's easier to realize what actions will lead you towards your goal.

Some examples:
  • What sort of behavior would lead to women cringing at your actions?
  • If you wanted to get rejected by women at a bar, how would you act? How much of an ass, how much of a pussy, etc., would get you rejected by women if you wanted?
  • If you wanted people to be unattracted to you, how would you dress?
  • If you wanted a business to fail, how would you spend your days? How lazy would you have to be?
  • If you want to fail a class, what would you do? How much class would you skip? How much would you study?
  • If you wanted to get divorce raped, what sort of woman should you look for to marry? What traits would she have?
  • If you wanted to be a middle age depressed man, what sort of life decisions would lead you to that?
  • Ad-nauseum.

Don't dismiss this as "obvious" and just say "Hey, DeepThrill, why don't you just ask yourself what you do want, you idiot!?".

Your subconscious is tricky and will rationalize, hamster, etc., because it's attached to the outcome of the goal. The minute you actually want something to succeed, and in some deep down sense believe that you need it to succeed to be happy, you will not be able to think clearly about it.

But when you ridiculously ask yourself how you'd get fat and have your business or coursework fail, you might realize that you're doing that with your daily actions more than you realize, and rationalize it as "relaxing cuz it's necessary."

You know how to achieve your goals, deep down, instinctually, and this will help you tune into those instincts.

This helped me a bunch when I was just starting to gain some confidence and achieve my goals, and maybe it'll help somebody else.


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